Now Showing in Walsall

Our latest We Feed The UK exhibition is on now until end June 2024 at Winterley Lane Allotments, Walsall, WS4 1JF celebrating the soil’s healing potential, drawing down carbon and sprouting community.

Working in partnership with Multistory, photography by Ayesha Jones and poetry by Hot Poet, Bohdan Piasecki, this collaboration honours the no-dig and permaculture approach championed by Neville Portas of No Diggity Gardens at Winterley Lane Allotments in Walsall.

By utilising the no-dig concept, Neville ensures the natural work carried out by the ecosystems underneath our feet are kept intact and carbon remains underground. He produces his own complete compost by reusing and recycling green waste from the community, demonstrating the value of hyperlocal circular economies.

“Nurturing nature is viewed as a central part of how we grow. We need all the players to be present. From the micro-biology and worms to the large birds and of course us humans.” Neville Portas

Through Neville’s planet-conscious approach, Winterley Lane produces nutrient-dense food with minimal waste, alongside sharing ideas and the allotment with local community groups. From school children to people from the neighbouring estate, Neville is keen to promote this way of growing to inspire interest in the environment and provide access to natural food.

Multistory explains the inspiration behind the unique installation

The exhibition celebrates Neville and the regenerative processes he champions, such as composting, growing produce and the no-dig concept, this exhibition also honours those who use Winterley Lane and value what it has to offer. From Radley’s Primary School children, to members of The Motivation Hub and The Transition Hub, this allotment is home to many and offers ways to get involved with nature for the local community. Neville is always keen to share his revolutionary ideas and planet-conscious approach with as many people as possible and, to respect this, we have reused materials found on the allotment to create this exhibition to ensure minimal waste and to reflect the surroundings and values of the allotment users.

Multistory is proud to be part of such an engaging, meaningful and
important project


Ayesha shares her experience of working with the Winterley Lane community….

“I have never heard children get so excited about onions before! This was a beautiful project to document. As well as telling the story of caring for our soil, I also wanted to showcase the diverse range of people, plants and structures involved in that process and how No Diggity is nourishing the custodians of the future.”


“The We Feed The UK project has been a complete delight to be a part of. From my point of view, we were the imposters as we don’t produce large amounts of staples for our community. However, I have come to realise through the project that we symbolise a growing part of our communities that value nutrient-dense food, as well as community connection and respect for the planet.

This project brought us together with others who feel, and act, the same, in whatever field they are in. The spotlight has shone far and wide and it is a joy to see.”

Photos of the exhibition launch by Belle Portas for Multistory

See Bohdan’s poem ‘Again, Again’ here