We Feed The UK in the Press

Since launching in February, We Feed the UK has been featured in the press nationwide with an estimated reach of over 53 million people! We’re thrilled that this celebration, of the country’s best custodians, is cultivating such widespread support. Here are some highlights…

“70% of the UK is farmland. The potential for this to become the place where we support biodiversity, sequester carbon and address so many of the other problems we are facing is enormous. The arts have the power to speak to the heart. Apathy is such a big barrier, and hope activates.”

Rowan Phillimore, Co-Director of The Gaia Foundation

In an edition of The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4, dedicated to We Feed the UK, Jimi Famurewa joined producers and poets in London, Somerset and Cumbria to ask whether the arts can convince us to care how our food is grown. Addressing climate change, the biodiversity crisis and social justice in the food system, this brilliant episode is testament to the power of poetry and photography to inspire new audiences at a time when agroecology urgently needs widespread support.

The essence of the campaign was beautifully captured by the Sunday Times In Pictures, where a selection of photographs from the ten acclaimed photographers were showcased. ‘Working the soil to save the earth’, this image gallery tells a story of the restorative farming practices at the root of resilience. 

“In one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, where less than half of our indigenous biodiversity remains, the project aims to show that nature-friendly and community-centric farming practices are at the root of our future resilience.”

Emine Rushton, Wicked Leeks Magazine 

 We hope the impact of We Feed the UK will be felt by both citizens and ‘on the fence’ farmers who have the chance to transition to regenerative agriculture. The launch was featured by Wicked Leeks Magazine, published by the ground-breaking Riverford Organic Farmers: an alliance and publication that aligns perfectly with We Feed The UK’s aim to inspire and inform positive change.