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Ground breaking stories told through radical collaborations, to celebrate those nourishing people and planet.

We Feed The UK is a major storytelling campaign, pairing photographers and poets with the UK’s custodians of land, sea, soil and seed.

Food forms us, and producing it with care for human and more-than-human communities can re-form our home for the better. These are the stories of regenerative farmers, urban growers, sustainable fishers and grain rebels: the quiet revolutionaries with grassroots solutions to climate change, biodiversity collapse and social justice. The time is ripe to celebrate their efforts and inspire widespread support.

BBC Radio 4 features We Feed The UK on The Food Programme: host Jimi Famurewa visits three producers and poets, to ask whether poetry can convince us to care how our food is grown…

“70% of the UK is farmland. The potential for this to become the place where we support biodiversity, sequester carbon and address so many of the other problems we are facing is enormous. The arts have the power to speak to the heart. Apathy is such a big barrier, and hope activates.” 

Rowan Phillimore of The Gaia Foundation on BBC Radio 4

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Inspired by Grampian Graziers and Lauriston Farm in Scotland

Poetry by Iona Lee | Photography by Sophie Gerrard | Exhibited at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow

“All great changemaking is rooted in dreaming and storytelling.” Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement

Arts and Environment Partners

Grown by The Gaia Foundation with collaborators across the country, We Feed The UK pairs ten photographers and ten Hot Poets with ten regenerative farming stories. Their work is being shared in partnership with ten arts organisations between February 2024-May 2025, supported by evidence from ten environmental allies who are leading the regenerative farming movement.

  • Hot Poets
  • GRAIN Projects
  • Martin Parr Foundation
  • Multistory
  • North East Photography Network
  • Penpont
  • Photo Fringe
  • Street Level Photoworks
  • Open Eye Gallery
  • Belfast Exposed
  • The Royal Photographic Society
  • The Landworkers’ Alliance
  • Sustain
  • Sole of Discretion
  • Soil Association
  • Seed Sovereignty
  • Pasture for Life
  • Nature Friendly Farming Network
  • Action for Conservation
  • Sustainable Food Trust
  • Nourish NI