On Mallon Farm in County Tyrone, Helen Keys and Charlie are reviving the tradition of growing flax for fibre, as part of a patchwork of potatoes, grass and oats. Their ‘wee blue blossom’ is chemical free, harvested by hand, retted in rainwater, scutched on a restored turbine, and threaded into local supply chains.

These efforts are not only rejuvenating soil, waterways and wildlife, but also regenerating a heritage that promises future resilience. Helen and Charlie are reweaving the fabric of Northern Irish farming. 


  • Yvette Monahan


    Yvette is a research-based photographer and artist from Ireland. Her current practice explores intuition, narrative and transcendence, through images that reflect our inner worlds and outer spaces.

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  • Belfast Exposed

    Belfast Exposed

    Arts Partner

    Starting out in troubled times, Belfast Exposed has grown into a force for creativity. Over 40 years they have shaped a photo collection capturing who we were, who we are, and what we can become. Disruptively pushing back frontiers, they support new talent through facilitating learning, showcasing exhibitions, and championing community.

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  • Abby Oliveira

    Abby Oliveira

    Hot Poet

    Abby Oliveira is a writer, performer, lyricist, and theatre maker based in Derry in the North or Ireland. She collaborates regularly with musicians, photographers, street theatre companies, acrobats and actors and has had work commissioned by BBC Radio 4, Foyle and RTE Radio.

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  • Nourish NI

    Nourish NI

    Environment Partner

    Nourish NI is a charity working to ensure good, healthy food is available to everyone. They are supporting dramatic systems change that will make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of Northern Ireland.

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